Greg (thied1) wrote in labgeeks,

Today's progress

It turns out the problem with the form last night was that I was opening form.html with a filehandle instead of ./form.html. ARG!

Once it's done, I think this form will be easier to maintain and update than the current classrooms form because it references an external HTML file for the form, which means that it can work easily with any other form as long as it passes the same variables. Now that it's importing the form correctly, I just have to work on the internal logic and error-checking.

Lemon-wise, I was messing with the review functions. I'll shortly be closing the current review session so I can make a new form, self-review, and sesion. It looks like I'll have to make a new scheduling pass because some things are broken in Late Night Happiness, like scheduling any hours in the testing lab.
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