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Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works

I must admit that at first, I was skeptical upon reading the first chapter. It seemed as though this book was meant for a huge team, with a budget, and plans and that it was more of a project planning book than an actual web redesign book. However, how can one redesign a website without a process? Even though our budget for this site is $0 (not including hourly wages) and there is essentially one person working on it, there still must be a web redesign process to follow. Infact, this is made much simplier when only one or two people are involved, there is less people to keep track of. This book does a very good job of outlining the proper steps in preparation for a site redesign. This book appeals to everyone, from the 30 person webteam, to the solo webmaster. Why learn from your own mistakes, when you can learn from others, who have already made the mistakes? This book appears to be the accumulation of alot of hard work, and this certainly (in my opinion) adds a validity behind what you are told when you read this.

Things that I found interesting and important:

-Planning everything
-Addressing the concepts of Content-View, Site-View and Page-View
-Naming Conventions

(Most of this pertains to the first two chapters in the book)
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